What is Nemechek Protocol

The Nemechek Protocol was developed by Patrick Nemechek, DO, to address the issues in children with neurological and developmental disorders. The Nemechek Protocol is an approach that aims to reconstruct the brain by targeting autonomic dysfunction. It works to support the body's ability to control inflammation, by strengthening the immune system. The protocol is made up of four different components:

  • Repair
  • Restore
  • Reverse
  • Maintain

Dr. Nemechek believes that the symptoms of disease can be eliminated by restoring equilibrium in the body.

According to Dr Nemchek, symptoms in autism are related to bacterial overgrowth in the gut, which leads to systemic inflammation in the body, ultimately causes altered immune cell response in the brain.

How it works in Autism?

Dr. Nemecheck believes many children with neurological dysfunction and developmental delays are suffering from inflammatory damage that leads to cumulative brain injury. This inflammation may lead to a build-up of propionic acid, which leads to white cell dysfunction (also called “microglia”), which causes neurons not to “prune” correctly, creating developmental delays.

The treatment involves a two-step process that aims to rebalance intestinal bacteria and omega fatty acids, which in turn allows the child's brain to begin to heal and function properly. The Nemechek Protocol recommends the use of fish oil, extra virgin olive oil, and the prebiotic inulin while cooking. In older patients, inulin can be replaced with Rifaximin, which is a prescription antibiotic. These are used mainly to reduce gut inflammation, restore omega 3:6 balances, and aid in cellular repair.

What are the benefits of Dr. Nemchek protocol ?

All supplements that are recommended in the protocol are natural, which makes them safe and inexpensive while being highly effective.

What are the side effects?

Given the protocol’s natural substances, there is little risk for adverse side effects. For the chemical reactions to occur as designed, patients must discontinue other supplements while on the protocol, including probiotics and vitamins. Patients may continue to use prescription medications.



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