How will Dance Therapy benefit my child with Autism?

Children with Autism are known to benefit from Dance Therapy in the following spheres:

  • Improves attention and concentration.

  • Helps people with Autism to express their emotions through movement.

  • It is helpful in increasing their social interaction.

  • A therapist can help people to develop vocabulary skills, using the imitation of the repetitive movements the person engages in.

  • They learn different patterns of movements required for daily activities.

  • Group sessions are best to develop communications and social skills.

  • Choreographed sequences can help in enhancing one’s memory and recapitulation skills.

  • Touch during therapy helps in reducing sensitivity to physical touch and helps build trust.

  • Improved body image.

  • It helps in developing body awareness and promotes general well-being.

  • Different planes of motion during therapy help to stimulate verbal communication skills.

  • Helps them to learn through mirroring and developing trust.

  • It also helps to strengthen fine motor skills.

  • It provides a platform to people with ASD to build upon their social skills, which helps them further to understand the emotions and feeling of other people.

  • They learn to develop empathy.

  • It helps them to learn adaptation to different situations.

Dance Therapy


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