Books can play a big role in helping you and your child with Autism. You’ll find books can be a good way to connect with your children as they learn to share, make eye contact and it enhances their speech while reading one with their parents.

Here is a list of specially curated books related to Autism available on Kindle, Pdf version and paperback.

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The Doman Method: From Special Needs to Wellness (The Doman Method® Series)

"Imagine if you had a step-by-step plan to help your special needs child make incredible developmental leaps. A plan that could possibly help your child learn to walk, speak, and succeed at school.

For parents of children with special needs, answers can feel impossible to find. This book is full of answers. If you have a child diagnosed with Autism, ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Epilepsy, Speech Delay, a genetic abnormality or special need – this book, and the knowledge in it, will change their life.

Authors Douglas and Spencer Doman are the Founder and CEO of Doman International, an organization that teaches holistic solutions to parents of special needs children. Douglas and Spencer are the son and grandson of the great Glenn Doman, known worldwide for pioneering the Doman Method®. The Doman International team has been innovating new treatments for children with special needs for decades.

In this book, you will discover:

How to start an immobile child o


17 February 2022

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