Books can play a big role in helping you and your child with Autism. You’ll find books can be a good way to connect with your children as they learn to share, make eye contact and it enhances their speech while reading one with their parents.

Here is a list of specially curated books related to Autism available on Kindle, Pdf version and paperback.

We would love to get recommendations from you on any useful books for children with Autism that are not in this list. You could write to us at

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I Think Differently My Family's Journey with Autism

"Hi, it’s Anthony. I’m here to tell you all about my journey with Autism, and now you have a front-row seat as you view the portal straight to my heart and thoughts. I will tell you all about me, my unique disorder, and my supportive family.

Come on my journey to understand my family’s understanding of living with Autism. Bring your family along with you! This is not a journey we take alone, but as a family, a village, and a community. Let’s go on an adventure of a lifetime together."


9 August 2022

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