Books can play a big role in helping you and your child with Autism. You’ll find books can be a good way to connect with your children as they learn to share, make eye contact and it enhances their speech while reading one with their parents.

Here is a list of specially curated books related to Autism available on Kindle, Pdf version and paperback.

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A Sensory Approach to Experience Taste, Texture, & Develop Oral-Motor Control

"A Sensory Approach to Experience Taste, Texture, & Develop Oral-Motor Control
Many children have significant mealtime difficulties that often impact the whole family. Being called a “fussy eater” may not truly cover the real challenges that some children experience when it comes to eating.
A child with sensory integration issues, mild to severe, may display difficulty with sitting at the table, touching the food, food texture or smells, adequately chewing, being able to try or accept new food items, use of utensils or cups, being able to handle the distractions of eating in a distracting environment such as at a school dining room or at a restaurant, and the list goes on.
When we start to talk about mealtime issues that a child may be having, we need to look at how a child is processing and interpreting sensory information. Each child is different, although most parents and caregivers’ express similar areas where they and the child needs support and guidance.
For many adults, when it


22 May 2021

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