Books can play a big role in helping you and your child with Autism. You’ll find books can be a good way to connect with your children as they learn to share, make eye contact and it enhances their speech while reading one with their parents.

Here is a list of specially curated books related to Autism available on Kindle, Pdf version and paperback.

We would love to get recommendations from you on any useful books for children with Autism that are not in this list. You could write to us at

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The Best Kept Secret Is "YOU": A Journey Into the Rabbit Hole With Autism and Love

Throughout my early life, I suffered in silence, and the depth didn't show until 1979 when I observed my son's heart-wrenching birth and watched helplessly as my bewildered wife endured excruciating pain. Later, I listened to a doctor label my son autistic. What the hell is autistic? Back then; I had never heard the phrase developmental, neural disorder. Not having any experience, I relied on the doctors' authority and professionalism. I depended on them for answers, and still, there was no meaningful support or information on which I could take advantage. I knew there was something divinely special and real about my son, and that kept me inspired and motivated; I would not accept that there was nothing I could do to help him. Also, the guesses and misinformation that I had to endure were unacceptable, yet I had to keep silent for fear of causing more issues for my speechless son. Looking back, I had no other choice. I had to walk a fine line. I was resigned to the fact that my son cou


29 March 2020

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