"The Nemechek Navigator is a web-based app that teaches and guides parents who are utilizing The Nemechek Protocol for their children with autism and/or developmental delay. The Nemechek Protocol is a treatment regimen that improves neurological recovery rates by focusing on the reduction of systemic and neuroinflammation within the child, thereby allowing natural repair, pruning, and regenerative mechanisms to improve neurological functioning. Within the Nemechek Navigator are many instructional videos, a searchable database with answers to over 900 common questions encountered by those using The Nemechek Protocol. Also included is the powerful Progress Tracker, a clinical tool designed to help parents assess how well the protocol is helping their child's recovery and can provide valuable tips on how to adjust the protocol if progress is slow. Parents are also provided dosing guides, supplement discounts, and an active parental chat community where they experience advice and support from other parents on a similar journey. Dr. Nemechek provides additional weekly videos on commonly requested topics as well as a monthly Live web video session, which is open to questions from members. "

A training and support site for parents implementing The Nemechek Protocol for their children with autism and or developmental delay.


Android, iPhone

$5.99-$9.99 per month. For Android | $5.99-$9.99 per month. For iPhone


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