"Assistive, Visual Schedule & Routine Builder for People with ADHD & Autism, their families or for those who are just plain forgetful. Thruday is an ADHD / Autism visual schedule that excels at helping you to remember what needs to be done and when with purpose built features designed specifically to keep you on track and stress-free. Struggle to plan your own day? That's ok! Thruday enables you to invite assistants who can help you set up your schedule and even manage it for you on a day to day basis allowing you to focus on the things that matter and avoid meltdowns. Thruday will keep all of your devices up to date in real-time too, enabling you to stay in the loop - no matter who is managing your daily routine. Our ADHD & Autism scheduling app isn't just for adults either. With a huge library of pecs style images already installed and multiple colour choices and shades to choose from, you can help build structure and routine for yourself and the entire family with our visual scheduling and routine building tools. Meet Andy, the driving force behind Thruday. Personally familiar with the challenges of ADHD and autism, he understands the profound impact of forgetfulness. With a neurodiverse family by his side, Andy knows first hand how the power of structure and routine can make a lasting difference. By creating Thruday, he channels this knowledge to empower others and create meaningful change. Since launch, Thruday is helping to reduce meltdown frequency, overall stress levels and improve the quality of life for neurodiverse people and their families. Our mission is to enable parents to provide structure and routine in a way that sticks from a young age that evolves into teenage and adult years as well as being able to manage their own day and stay on track. Thruday can be used by everyone but Thruday shines with forgetful people."

"Assistive, Visual Schedule & Routine Builder for People with ADHD & Autism "


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