Miemie Ralph

Miemie Ralph, a registered accountant by profession, is a mother of an autistic boy, De Wet. Being familiar with the daily burdens and juggling between being a working mother and wife, but most of all, being a full-time caretaker, Miemie values the importance of living a balanced lifestyle. She truly believes that one needs to find a balance in your daily living in order to be able to find a coping mechanism, especially parents of special needs children.

“There is no right or wrong when working with your child. What worked for you today, might not work tomorrow. And approaches used by yourself, can be of value to others. But the info you share might be value to another. If you do fail and your emotions take the better of you, don’t be ashamed. We are all human and living with an autistic child, failure is inevitable. You might hit rock bottom, but you need to get up and continue your battle, as you have a very special person relying on you to do so. And in order to do so, you need an adequate support system.”

Her main objective is for parents to accept the situation that was given to them. “Do not at all costs, try to change your child. Rather treasure the uniqueness of your child and embrace the daily challenges. When you focus is on trying to “cure” your child, you are going to miss out on the cherishable moments you need to keep close to your heart. Sometimes we try so hard working on their future that we forget that fact that they are children NOW. Through the challenges placed upon you, see the bright side of your tribulations and to grow in your persona and character. After all, the greatest gift you can offer to your child, is the sense of acceptance and security. Rather focus on your child’s abilities and expand them, than to focus on all the elements your child does not achieve.”

Miemie does not see herself as an expert in any field of working with autistic children as her profession is out of line with working with special needs. She has a driving passion to reach out and connect with parents that finds themselves similar circumstances to her. She has connected with numerous parents within South Africa borders, as well as internationally. She is also actively involved with institutions take care of multiple disabled individuals, serving on their executive committees. Having a vast knowledge of finance and conjoining this with her emotional connection with these individuals’ circumstances, her input has been of great value to her community. You can follow and connect with her on Facebook, Autism Warriors.

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