What every parent of a child with Autism wants is for their child to be able to lead an independent life, have a basic education, to be able to integrate into society and get relief from their symptoms. Yet, despite going from pillar to post, from various doctors to therapists, from searching all through the internet and other information sources, they are still not able to find the most appropriate solution to their children’s problems. Autism Connect was created to bridge the gap between parents and professionals and between information and action. Whereas some parents are content with following the standard medical and rehabilitation options, there are other parents who believe in being proactive and searching out newer and alternative treatment options that they believe could benefit their child.

At Autism Connect, we believe in being proactive. However, we make our actionable recommendations based on the authenticated information. It is our belief that when conventional treatment options have not given relief to children, parents have a right to seek other solutions. Autism Connect provides information to parents about newer treatment options based on the principles of:

  1. Safety first

  2. The treatment being based on scientific publications

Yes, we are aggressive in our search for newer treatment options without ever compromising on the safety aspects of these treatments. Whereas there is a lot of information on the internet, which can sometimes be a guiding influence, but at other times may be misguiding too. Information from scientific publications in medical journals is more authentic since this information has been peer-reviewed by people other than those who have published it and its scientific and ethical content is validated before being published. Therefore, almost all the information available on has its information from published scientific sources.

Our team consists of parents and an enthusiastic group of young professionals working towards gathering, refining, updating and validating all the autism-related information available across the world. Our team strongly stands by the belief that individuals with autism are truly special, with innate abilities that are waiting to be discovered through the right approach. Together, we strive towards the ultimate goal of finding a cure for autism. At Autism Connect, we don’t just imagine a better world for people with Autism, we endeavor to create it.