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Top 4 Autism Dad Bloggers

There’s so much that’s said about Autism moms or just moms in general. When it comes to fathers, the general notion is that fathers are too busy to be involved in their kid’s lives. We’ve enlisted here, the top 4 Autism Dad bloggers, who’re breaking this outdated notion, and how!!

I’m Simply A Dad

Dave is an Autism Dad, whose blog, is full of amazing articles pertaining to a good diet and healthy living. We love how he takes his own personal experience with his chronic health issues and his son’s autism, to help other parents out there. We found Dave’s blogs to be a wonderful platform that extends its support and knowledge of how to deal with Autism.

Pucks & Puzzle Pieces


The reason we love Pucks & Puzzles is not just because the blogger does so well at addressing common issues that parents face while raising a child with Autism. It’s because it’s so honest in its expression of a father’s awe towards his child being interested in his favorite sport. For dads raising sons, introducing their child to the world of sports is a great bonding exercise, and well, truly memorable. For Autism Dads, however, this opportunity can easily get lost amidst therapy sessions & sensory overloads. Pucks & Puzzles is a blog page that clearly comes from a father who absolutely dotes on his child.

We’ve spoken about Rob Gorski before, and we’ll speak about him again! We love this Autism Dad who’s doing a kickass job at raising three amazing kids with Autism! He’s a strong supporter of the Autism Community. He actively posts about ways you can help teach your autistic child deal with relevant and practical issues.

Autism Daddy

Autism Daddy is such a vibrant blog page! It deals with so many topics that make you feel like you’re not alone. It helps you look at your child’s autism with a new perspective, while also giving you tips on parenting.

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