This Mother’s Day Make Small Gestures Of Love

The mothers of children with autism often play many roles in the early life of the child. Often, they are the ones who first recognise that their child has a developmental problem, and follow through with their concern to get a satisfactory diagnosis for them. The mother must then, together with the other parent, try to understand and come to terms with what it entails for their child’s life and their future challenges. It is a difficult task to accomplish.


happy mothers day


Despite all the difficulties and changes, mothers rise to the occasion and even if it may take them some time, they are always there for their kids. Some of the most precious things that a mother can give a child are small moments of joy. Even while facing the challenges and the judgment of others, she makes her child feel like nothing is more important to her than their wellbeing and happiness.


Happy Mothers Day



When children are asked about what they love about their moms, they mention the small things, the little gestures of love. Some of the answers given by the children include: My mom joins me on rides even though she doesn’t want to, she tickles me and does funny stuff, she makes me feel special, writes notes saying, “I Love You,” and gives me bubblegum. It is these small things in addition to the big responsibilities that mothers everywhere carry out so seamlessly.


happy mothers day



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