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Join The Revolution – Buddies of Autism

Hi, there!

We’re launching an exciting new campaign, and we couldn’t think of anyone better than YOU to be part of it! 

As you know, Autism is surrounded by several stigmas. Together, we intend to uproot these stigmas.

How Do We Do That?

So, let’s consider Autism as a child, who has a lot of ‘buddies’.

Each of these ‘Buddies of Autism’ has a unique quality.

Sometimes, these Buddies get into trouble, and Autism doesn’t really know how to help! 

Here’s where your super skills & expertise are required to help little Autism, get its buddies out of trouble!!

What Do You Need To Do?

All you need to do is shoot a 4 – 5 min video referring to these “Buddies of Autism”, who are also sometimes called as “Signs & Symptoms of Autism“, and tell us how you deal with these buddies!

In case you’re wondering what kind of a video you can take, here’s a reference for you!

Watch Nutritionist Jinisha Jain speak about the importance of Diet in Autism.

Simply send in your videos through WhatsApp on +918454999253 or via email at


    1. Thank you for your appreciation! We look forward to keep posting many more such informative articles by therapists & autism parents. Are you a therapist or a parent yourself? Feel free to utilize our other resources on Autism Connect!

  1. There is ample research and studies that suggests that gluten free diet does not have any effect on the symptoms of Autism exception if you child is allergic to gluten.

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