Identify Four Behavior Issues in Kids with Autism In Order To Tackle These with Ease

Autism need not be considered as a perennial mind-related problem that has no treatment at all.  You just find certain behavior patterns different in your kid from what you find in other kids. The problem is 80% resolved when you are able to sense where your child behaves differently.

Below are some tips to help you identify these emotional triggers so that you are able to understand your child better.

Loud Noises Can Upset these Kids Terribly

Autism is a lack of brain coordination with the remaining parts of the body. This is the main reason why kids with autism are unable to keep a tab on their senses. Say, for example, the sound of a doorbell or a phone ringing can resemble the sound of a thousand church bells ringing in your son’s or daughter’s ears. An emotional trigger for your son/daughter here is extreme sensitivity to hearing. Putting your kid in a quieter room or making one of the rooms sound proof can be the immediate solution to this. Behavior problems in children with autism have to be dealt with, care and caution.

Food Allergies do have an Impact

Your son might bang his head after having a bowl of spinach soup, for example. Or your daughter might shut her ears tight after having a bowl of carrots and broccoli. Did you know that these kids have food allergies that can trigger such emotional outbursts? Record your observations and discuss the concerns with your doctor. Certain foods may cause severe allergic reactions in your child and should be avoided at any cost. Some kids may develop rashes or bleeding when are exposed to even daily food items. Giving fresh fruit juices or freshly prepared yogurt may nullify these effects. It is advisable to speak to your doctor and give foods that are more palatable to these children.

Repetitive Behavior at School Including Non-Stop Wobbling

This is one of the most commonly observed behavior problems in children with autism. The kid runs from one end of the corner to another. For kids with autism, this behavior is completely normal. But for you and me, this maybe an unruly form of repetitive behavior. The reflexes of your child may be disrupted and he/she may go on talking without sensing or realizing whether you are listening or not.

The solution to this is straightforward. It may be helpful to open up and discuss your concerns with the people around you. For example, inform your child’s teacher that your child has Autism. The teachers will then try to use a more effective way to teach your child. In certain cases, it may also be advisable to seek out a special school which is best suited for your child. Initially, your child’s peers may treat him/her cruelly. However, discussing your concerns with them may actually help them in embracing and supporting your child better than you thought.

Seizures Need Observation

If you notice palpitations or seizures in your son/daughter, it is possible that right amount of oxygen does not reach your child’s brain. Immediately take your notepad and start observing the time the seizure took place and the seconds or minutes it lasted. Physiotherapy or the right medications can help these kids normalize their lives. They can take an hour of swimming or gymming to gain a better control over their physical senses.

4 behavior patterns in kids with autism and easy ways on how you can cope with these form a part of this segment.


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