A Little Girl Who Tries To Promote Better Autism Awareness

Autism is marked by difficulties in behaviours such as communication, social interaction and sensory sensitivities. Most of these mannerisms are not necessarily exhibited by people with autism spectrum. The people with autism may exhibit an unusual interest in objects or have a skill that is noteworthy.


Simona Zetu faces a challenge that is twofold!  She is a mother of two kids, a15-year-old daughter Crina and a four-year-old son Patrick, who have autism.


Both of her children have Autism and when people come to know about it, they act over-compassionately as if it were to be an awful disease. They fail to understand that the kids are beautiful, healthy, happy, smart and creative.


According to Simona, her daughter Crina uses her talent for drawing to raise issues about autism and what it is like to live with the stress and challenges associated with this condition. The mother said that her daughter started to draw when she was just three, began to read and write when she was 4 but talked when she was around 4 and a half years old. Simona consulted many child specialists, but could not identify the disorder. Finally, at the age of 9, the doctors declared that she had Asperger’s. A book about autism given by the doctor gave answers to most of the questions she needed. She learnt how to understand, support and take care of Crina.


When asked if there was any connection with Crina’s artwork and a person with autism, Simona replied, “I think art is an effective way to vent your feelings out, since I tend to understand things better visually. Autism has its advantages and disadvantages, but the fact that I have lived with it really makes me feel like it’s less of a deal than people make it look like.”


She also says that apart from being creative, Crina is also brilliant in mathematics, computers and science. Simona hopes that she gets the appropriate support she needs to flourish in any field that she chooses.


Do not evaluate the wide spectrum and features of autism, but appreciate how amazing people with autism are.


We are also publishing some of the great art pieces created by Crina.

Autism Awareness, Crina

Autism Awareness, Crina

Autism Awareness, Crina

Autism Awareness, Crina

Autism Awareness, Crina Autism Awareness, Crina

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