Speech Therapy: Building Communication & Language Skills for your Autistic Child

Saturday, 30th of November 2019  

Ms. Yaashna Rajani , Consulting Audiologist and Speech Therapist

You can view the webinar recording below

Key Topics You Will Learn About
  • How can speech therapy impact your child’s overall development?
  • How do speech, language and communication differ & which strategies can help your child in their daily routine & natural environment, and what can you do for them at home?

Who is Ms. Yaashna Rajani?

Ms. Yaashna Rajani is a Consulting Audiologist and Speech Therapist from India. She specialises in developing various communication modules for group-based intervention in children with developmental disabilities. She also provides parental training and guidance programmes and sessions & online tele-speech therapy sessions. She has also delivered several guest lectures at national seminars & conferences.

For more information Please email us at contact@autismconnect.com

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