Autism Schools Directory

Autismconnect is an independent, autonomous and parents led establishment that provides information, education & support to families across globe. The purpose of autismconnect is to offer with an online resource that will support the parents, families & caregivers in locating true resources for their children with autism.

It was founded in the month of April, 2014 by a group of Parents & Professionals in Mumbai, India.

The main aim is to help & connect families with autism support groups and they can find all the answers to the questions they harbor.

It was founded with a belief that autism parents don’t get adequate information that is accurate, relevant and complete to help their children with autism.

Through most validated, far reaching information and resources we are trying to fill the gap between Dilemma, Diagnosis and Acceptance of this neurological condition. Our content resource gives you a fair idea of what is the condition and how it can be facilitated to achieve a child’s full potential.

Presently,there are quite a few information sources available on the World Wide Web but unfortunately either their content are redundant or incomplete & needs to be validated regularly.

This is where, we try helping the visitors of Autismconnect to get the latest of information on autism directory.

It is an initiative by a group of parents & professionals to gather , validate and host information about special schools, help/support groups ,parent groups and rehabilitation centers related to autism across countries. We connect people to the relevant information and adequate support they are seeking.

We help people with autism believe, that they are truly special and wonderful being!